by Ryan Kulp

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released September 8, 2014

Special thanks to Chase Kopro (percussion), Peter Fodero (saxophone), Jennifer Groover (vocals), Barbie Vormelker (vocals), and Phu-Xuan Le (artwork). Produced in Atlanta at Spotlight Sound Studio, July 2014.



all rights reserved


Ryan Kulp New York, New York

Failed musician, turned startup marketer, founder, then software developer.

Re-launching my music career Spring 2017.


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Track Name: Rap Song
The key to my girl’s heart is G Major ‘cuz that’s all I can sing
And I hope this song will do or I’ll save up for a diamond ring
[Yeah] you heard that right I’m sold not much to do just what I’m told
she asked me how I’m sure I told her I just know-ee-no-ee-noooo….

Verse 1
I make a living make a killing writing words for the money not the honey
This is how I really feel about it
Gotta make a sacrifice / take a check
hit ‘the studio atlanta and melodically pout about it
day job’s got me thinking bout the character count
I know my character counts [when ]it’s time to bounce for her [I’ll go to]
Dallas, Texas; anywhere she goes, that’s where I next is

not sure if I sound like Mac Miller
Guess we’ll find out when his lawyers send a letter
Gimme a cease and desist and I will cease to desist [yeah]
Cuz when you’re better that’s a “never”

It wasn’t easy to bite the bullet, pull out the pen,
write the songs, pay to do it nah,
hope my producer from back in the day doesn’t hear
what’s up back in the A ever since I came near

what’s a hero without a villain
what’s a story without a vision
What’s passion without fasting
Or a rap song that’s lacking the quintessential girls with big a&&es


I’m like a bird I’d like to… (background mutter—“what?”)
Destroy all my enemies with white liquid synergy
I know where my home is – up above
[Yeah] I know where I’m going when I – pull the plug

Verse 2
last month I ran a half
yeah my girl’s half
and she’s my other half
together now whole
burrito bowl
I want 3 to go
Give me extra rice, the brown you know

It’s the square root of music minus profit
times change
divide fame
plus slang, it’s all the same

[So] while I get back to leaving a legacy
welcome to my EP…
Track Name: Brooklyn
Verse 1
Well I moved up to Brooklyn cuz a job it put its hook in
Never meant to go to college but (D) society insisted I did / on it

All my money goes to rent can barely scrape up 50 cents
just to tip the guy at Starbucks cuz he’s making my coffee the way I like it

This is the after-class aftermath, take a bus or ride the PATH
Walking up an avenue cuz subway cars all/they smell like poo…

A homeless man asks me what’s the point of it all
I said man I don’t know so here’s a dollar for a bottle

Well I’m not here to save
I’m here to get paid, and slave away
This is the funeral, this is the funeral
Of the American dream

Verse 2
Went home last week, to see my friends, all four of them
And we laughed and we drank and we talked under the moonlight
[yeah] there’s not too many street lights , where I’m from, which I think I might like

And they ask me why I’m not writing music
I’m studying up techy blog posts
And they ask me why I’m not writing music
I said I’m jotting down different kinds of notes that aren’t melodic

Chock full of logic, not in my lingo
much more methodic-al
But all that I know is


When opportunity, knocks on your door, you better open
Or wonder what if, forever

Here’s what I traded my dreams for:
Flimsy equity, and the inequity of salary

All I wanted was to be an artist
But that dream was aborted
When I clicked pay now for college

Track Name: Move In
We spend all day together
But at night we have to part
[I] wish you were in my arms
The way that you are in my heart

I can’t help but miss your voice
the sweet smell of your skin
[Babe] I know that it’s your choice
Why don’t we move in

Bring all your records, the films I haven’t seen
Say both our names on the answering machine

Move in, move in, box your pots and pans
Move in, move in, I want you where I am
(Take a risk and) move in, I’ve got the keys right here
Move in, move in, [babe] I just want you near

Verse 2
My closet’s too much room
And mine’s about to boom
So haul in all of your clothes
[Yeah] I’ll ruffle up your pillows

It’s cheap to split the rent
[Or] I’ll pay every cent
Cause I need you when I roam
To make this house a home


You wanna redecorate? Fine
You wanna get a dog? Sure
Whatever it takes, baby
To get you inside my door

You wanna invite your friends? Please
You want it to just be us? Great
Once I get you in my arms, baby
There’s no need to hesitate

Move in, move in, hire a moving van
Move in, move in, I want you where I am
(Take a risk and) move in, I’ve got the keys right here
Move in, move in, [babe] I just want you near
Track Name: Happy
Verse 1
She put her hand in my coat packet
as I walked her to work
something I no longer do
since I quit that stinking jerk

Now I'm lazy in my apartment
[with] nothing to do but stare
so she came into my bedroom
with a brand new robe to wear

She makes me happy
Can I make you happy

Verse 2
she’s just so [damn] supportive
of nearly everything I do
Whether living with two females
or drinking before noon

[And] that’s how I know she’s lovely
yeah she's all I have to lose
so when I'm lazy in my apartment
know I’m thinking about you

[And] how you make me happy
How can I make you happy

Verse 3
Yes things have changed
it’s hard to explain
You're the snow to my rain
aloe to my pain

Beat to my drum
when I can’t sing along
Air in my lungs
when I'm keeping rhythm

You make me happy
I want to make you happy
I know I can make you happy
...So please don’t cut me off
Track Name: Sunshine
Verse 1
Can I trade this song
For the weeks that I am gone?
Two chords is all I can handle
With a one track mind

Verse 2
I want to ruin you
For all the other guys
I will fight and push and shove patiently
For all of your time... till I make you mine

Verse 3
You told me you were practical
Bur you started with "I think"
When I asked about food preferences
You said "savory over sweet"

Oooh, ahh

Verse 4
Is G the key to your heart cuz I am singing in E
I lied before but girl you make me so happy
And now or later I was gonna ask you anyway
But songs are better so why won’t you just move in with me

Verse 5
[This] here’s the end how do you like your first EP
Want another one? Gimme another week
This shit’s expensive, gotta save some money

Cuz you’re my sunshine
On a cloudy day
When it’s cold out side
I know you’re in love with me